Latest Markey ad reminds voters that the election is on Tuesday

Don’t forget that the election is coming up Tuesday. That’s a key message driven home in US Representative Edward J. Markey’s latest ad in the special US Senate race.

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“Across Massachusetts, people are getting ready — ready to vote for Ed Markey for US Senate,” the narrator says in the upbeat ad full of smiling faces.

“June 25th,” choruses a group of little children, holding up signs with the date on them. The date is repeated by a woman on a street of triple-deckers and a hard-hatted worker sitting in a construction vehicle.

The 30-second spot, titled “Momentum,” which closes with footage of Markey standing side by side with President Obama at a campaign event, is expected to run statewide.

Markey, a veteran Democratic congressman, is running against Republican businessman Gabriel E. Gomez, who has never held elected office, in the race to fill the seat vacated by John Kerry when he became US secretary of state.

The Gomez campaign announced today that it would put an additional $300,000 behind its latest television ad, which shows a debate clip that Gomez has decided to make his closing argument. Gomez asks voters to send him to Washington for a 17-month term and decide after that if they want someone else.