Gomez to launch new ad, highlighting debate performance

US Senate hopeful Gabriel E. Gomez, coming off what his campaign saw as a successful debate performance, is set to launch a new television ad Thursday morning in which he repeatedly mentions his opponent’s long tenure in the US House of Representatives and asks voters to give him a shot at serving out the remainder of John F. Kerry’s Senate term.

In footage taken from Tuesday night’s televised debate, Gomez makes the case, backed by upbeat music, that US Representative Edward J. Markey, a Malden Democrat who was first elected to Congress in 1976, has not achieved legislative success on a number of issues.

The spot includes Gomez mentioning the number of years Markey had served in Congress three seperate times.

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“You’ve had 37 years down in the Congress to get something done,” Gomez says as the ad shows a photograph of a young Markey overlaid on an image of the US Capitol.

“We still don’t have immigration reform done. You’ve had 37 years to do that. You could have reformed Social Security and Medicare,” Gomez says.

“The reality is, sir, you’ve had 37 years down in DC to get these important things done. Give me 17 months and I will keep my word and I will do what I say,” Gomez says, as the ad closes.

Gomez campaign aides saw Tuesday’s debate, the final one before the June 25 election, as a victory for their candidate.

Campaign adviser Lenny Alcivar said the ad would be airing statewide on broadcast and cable television, but declined to disclose the amount of money the campaign was spending on it.

During the debate, Markey responded to Gomez’s criticism of his long tenure by pointing to a number of issues where, Markey said, Gomez was out of step with the people of Massachusetts and more in line with national Republicans.