US Senate candidate Gabriel E. Gomez seeks to distance himself from national GOP

QUINCY — Republican Senate nominee Gabriel E. Gomez sought today to distance himself from the national party, and charged Democratic nominee US Representative Edward J. Markey with campaigning in a “time warp.”

Hit with a Markey campaign ad seeking to capitalize on the locally unpopular national GOP supporting him, Gomez told reporters that he differs with many in his party on climate change, abortion rights, and gun control.

Gomez criticized Markey for accepting special interest money. He declined to say whom he would support, if elected, for Senate minority leader.

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“If anybody is in the pocket of anybody, it’s my opponent,” Gomez said during a stop at a popular Quincy diner.

Sporting a Boston Bruins tie and his trademark bomber jacket, Gomez worked to avoid a trap that has snared many a New England Republican in recent years: finding themselves lashed to a national party that operates to the right of the Northeast electorate’s tastes.

“I’m going to win this with or without D.C.,” Gomez said.

After Gomez left McKay’s, the eatery where he greeted prospective voters, state Democratic Party chairman John Walsh told reporters that Gomez would be a “full partner” with the national GOP establishment.

“This morning, Gabriel Gomez wants Massachusetts voters to believe he’s not a Republican or maybe he’s a new kind of Republican or a different kind of Republican or whatever,” said Walsh, holding an umbrella under a light morning drizzle. “But what voters in Massachusetts understand is Gabriel Gomez is a Republican and he will go to Washington to obstruct the president’s agenda as complete as any Republican that’s down there.”

Walsh also criticized Gomez’s support for a change in the calculation of Social Security benefits that President Obama has supported.

“I love the president, but I don’t agree with him on that one, and nobody else in Massachusetts does, either,” Walsh said.