John McCain to raise money for Gomez in Boston

US Senator John McCain is scheduled to come to Boston next week to raise campaign cash for a fellow Navy veteran, Republican Senate nominee Gabriel E. Gomez, according to an invitation to the event.

The high-dollar event at the Fairmont Copley Plaza on May 20 will command $37,600 per person for a VIP roundtable, $15,000 per person for a photo reception, and $2,600 for a noon lunch. Donations will go to the Gabriel Gomez Victory Fund, the invitation said.

McCain’s interjection in the race comes as Republican operatives privately wonder whether national donations will come to Gomez’s assistance as the private equity investor and former Navy SEAL does battle with the Democratic nominee, US Representative Edward J. Markey. The fund is a joint fundraising committee between Gomez’s campaign and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

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At the same time, Gomez has strived to avoid being tarred with the conservative label cultivated by Republicans in other parts of the country but unpopular in the Bay State.

To that end, McCain’s maverick brand makes him one of the few national Republicans who could come to Boston without associating Gomez with the party’s hard-right wing.

Gomez has tracked with McCain on policy as well, endorsing the Arizona Republican’s position on how the US should deal with the prospect of chemical weapons being used by the Assad regime in Syria. Both Republicans also support comprehensive immigration reform.

But the GOP nominee has had to display some political footwork in discussing whom he supported during the 2008 presidential election. Gomez, in a bid to win Gov. Deval Patrick’s interim appointment to the vacant Senate seat earlier this year, touted his support for President Obama.

Later, Gomez said that he voted for McCain in the general election, but donated to Obama during the primary.