Former Obama advisers launch consulting firm to harness technology for private sector

WASHINGTON—A group of advisers who helped President Obama win reelection are launching a new consulting firm that will try to translate the skills and technological tools that won political campaigns into a force in the private sector.

The new firm, which will be called Precision, is being started by several top Obama aides, including Stephanie Cutter, a longtime Democratic operative and a Raynham, Mass., native who was one of Obama’s deputy campaign managers; Jen O’Malley Dillon, a former executive director of the Democratic National Committee originally from Franklin, Mass., another of Obama’s deputy campaign managers; and Teddy Goff, who oversaw Obama’s digital strategy.

“Turn your supporters from passive fans to active evangelists,” reads a summary of the new firm’s pitch that was obtained by the Globe. “We specialize in helping companies, causes, and campaigns devise precisely the right game plan for your brand’s success. And then we help deploy it both online and off.”

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The firm says it will offer a range of services that were honed on political campaigns but could be easily applied to the private sector. Those include branding, crisis management, digital strategy, and strategic planning.

The firm also says it will help companies use data, analytics, and grassroots organizations to better promote themselves.

Obama’s campaign was well known for its use of new data tools and the ability to use micro targeting to identify likely voters and getting them to the polls.

This new firm won’t be the first time that former Obama aides have taken their skills to the private sector. Longtime Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, a North Reading native, recently left the White House and joined Dedham native Tommy Vietor, spokesman for the National Security Council, in starting a communications consulting firm called Fenway Strategies.

They are also planning to collaborate on a screenplay or television series about their time in Washington.