Mitt Romney to campaign in Pennsylvania and Ohio on Election Day

Mitt Romney’s “final victory rally” tonight in New Hampshire will not be his last campaign event, after all. The Republican presidential nominee has added Election Day appearances in Pittsburgh and Cleveland, his campaign said on Monday.

Romney planned to end his campaigning in the Granite State, where he announced his candidacy in June 2011, with a late-night rally at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester. The event will include a performance by Kid Rock, whose song, “Born Free,” has been Romney’s campaign anthem.

But Romney’s team on Monday scheduled two more trips to critical states during voting hours. The selections of Pennsylvania and Ohio are telling: Romney has made a late push in Pennsylvania, as polls have shown a tightening race where an Obama victory once appeared highly likely. And the former Massachusetts governor has campaigned in Ohio more than in any other state. Ohio’s 18 electoral votes are a big prize, and no Republican has ever won the White House without a victory in the Buckeye State.

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President Obama has no campaign events planned for Election Day. He plans to end his campaigning tonight in Des Moines, Iowa.

Obama campaigned in Indiana on Election Day in 2008 and won the state. His GOP opponent, John McCain held rallies in New Mexico and Colorado on Election Day but lost both.

Romney will travel to Pittsburgh and Cleveland on Tuesday after voting in Belmont. Obama voted early in Chicago.