Scott Brown’s closing Senate ad a montage of positive, bipartisan images

Senator Scott Brown has released his closing television advertisement of the campaign, a one-minute montage of positive, bipartisan images meant to inspire voters after a year of sometimes bruising fights between the candidates.

The ad features soaring music, several images of Brown’s signature pick-up truck, American flags along Massachusetts streets, and testimonials from voters. It shows Brown with his wife, his daughters, President Obama, and in his military uniform.

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The emphasis is on the Republican’s bipartisanship and that the election should be a choice of “the person, not the party,” text that is shown on screen. The ad does not mention that Brown is a Republican as he seeks his first full, six-year Senate term in heavily Democratic Massachusetts.

Brown’s Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Warren, has emphasized that the election could swing the balance of power in Washington, which she argues could lead to more policies preferred by Republicans and that run counter to the state’s liberal Democratic tradition.

“Every day I hold this office, I will give all that is in me to serve you well and make you proud,” Brown says at the opening of the ad. “I’ve kept my promise to be an independent voice. I put people ahead of politics, and now I need your help to keep that independent tradition alive in Massachusetts.”

A woman helps amplify that case.

“He doesn’t vote Democrat or Republican. He votes for what’s right. I love it,” she says.

The ad also points to a magazine analysis that called Brown the second-most bipartisan senator in Washington, a label that has become a cornerstone of his campaign.

Brown closes by saying, “I am nobody’s senator except yours.”

Brown spokeswoman Alleigh Marre said the ad will run in both 60-second and 30-second versions. She said other advertisements currently running around the state will continue to play in a rotation.

The Massachusetts Democratic Party unveiled its own web video challenging the Brown commercial, highlighting the senator’s support for Republican policies even if he doesn’t trumpet his party affiliation.

“No matter how much Scott Brown tries to tiptoe around his support for Mitt Romney, the people of Massachusetts know that Brown shares Romney’s philosophy of cutting taxes for the rich and letting middle-class families pick up the bill,” party Chairman John Walsh said in a statement. “Putting Mitt Romney in the White House and electing Scott Brown and a Republican Senate would give Big Oil, Wall Street, and huge corporations a leg up while working families and small businesses get left behind.”