In Fla., Obama chides Romney over ‘Romnesia’

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. – Energized and buoyant after his aggressive debate performance against Mitt Romney only 12 hours earlier, President Obama drew peals of laughter from a raucous crowd of 11,000 supporters Tuesday by labeling his opponent as a victim of “Romnesia” who seems to forget his earlier positions.

“We had a severe outbreak last night,” Obama said, smiling broadly, in reference to the final presidential debate Monday in nearby Boca Raton. “It was at least stage 3 Romnesia. And I just want to go over with you some of the symptoms, Delray, because I want to make sure no one in the surrounding area catches it.”

Obama chided Romney for taking positions in the debate – on the auto industry, Afghanistan, education, and Medicare—that the president said differed from previous stances.

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“If you talk about how much you love teachers during a debate,” Obama added, “but said just a few weeks ago that we shouldn’t hire any more because they won’t grow the economy, what do you have?”

The overflow crowd at the Delray Beach Tennis Center roared back: “Romnesia!”

Obama used the rally to introduce a 20-page pamphlet, titled “The New Economic Patriotism,” that outlines his jobs plan.

The goal of the plan, which heralds what it calls 31 consecutive months of job growth, is “to strengthen middle-class security by making smart investments in education and training, growing small businesses, promoting technology and innovation, and reducing the deficit,” according to the booklet.

The booklet, which campaign officials described as part of a “full-scale, multiplatform organizational effort,” follows criticism from Republicans that Obama has not been specific about his economic plans for a second term.

The campaign is printing 3.5 million copies of the document, which collects in one place the economic figures, arguments, and proposals for a second term that Obama has been voicing on the campaign trail.

In conjunction with the booklet, the campaign also released a 60-second television ad on Tuesday called “Determination.” In the ad, Obama says, “Read my plan, compare it to Governor Romney’s and decide which is better for you.”

The ad will air in the nine swing states of New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Nevada, Iowa, and Colorado.

The Romney campaign dismissed the booklet as a late and ineffective campaign ploy.

“A glossy pamphlet two weeks before an election is no substitute for a real agenda for America. Instead of offering a plan to get our economy back on track and create new jobs, President Obama is offering more tax increases, more spending, more debt, and fewer jobs,” said Ryan Williams, a Romney campaign spokesman.

“Mitt Romney has a real plan for a real recovery that will create 12 million new jobs with rising take-home pay, move us toward a balanced budget and create prosperity for all Americans.”

After the rally in Delray Beach, Obama posed for photographs with schoolchildren and left for another campaign appearance Tuesday in Dayton, Ohio.