Menino, whose support was questioned, stars in ad for Elizabeth Warren

Many commentators questioned the level of enthusiasm Mayor Thomas M. Menino of Boston would show for Elizabeth Warren when he endorsed her last month, after months of standing on the sidelines.

Menino seems to have answered that question with a new advertisement out today in which he uses his plainspoken appeal to sell Warren, the Democrat challenging Republican US Senator Scott Brown.

“Liz Warren gets it, she’s good people,” Menino, dressed in a jacket with no tie, tells the camera.

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The ad, which will run only in the Boston market, shows Menino and Warren interacting with crowds during their endorsement rally in Roslindale. Warren does not speak in the ad, aside from the required, “I approve this message.”

There are no specific issues addressed. Instead, it appears geared toward making the same working class and union voters being targeted by Brown comfortable with Warren. Menino is in his fifth term, the city’s longest-serving mayor and one of the state’s most popular political figures.

Menino starts off by calling himself “a guy from Hyde Park and mayor of Boston” and mentions the importance of “building Boston with our men and women in the trades.”

Menino and Brown have had a strong relationship since Brown was elected in the 2010 special election. But Menino has long been considered a loyal Democrat. Former Boston mayor Raymond L. Flynn, also a Democrat, has endorsed Brown and has also appeared in an ad for the senator.