Scott Brown launches new TV ad, again focused on bipartisanship

In a new television ad, Senator Scott Brown again takes to his truck, this time emphasizing the importance of bipartisanship, while continuing his push for women voters.

The latest 30-second spot, which will begin airing Monday, features Brown driving to the Shrewsbury home of Diane Gilfoy-Henry, an unemployed single mother, for a conversation at her kitchen table.

“It has been very difficult since I’ve been out of work,” Gilfoy-Henry tells the senator from across the table. “I’m a single mom. I just want to pick myself up. I want to get back to work so I can get on with my life.”

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Then, Brown explains: “People like Diane keep me focused on what really matters. To me, creating jobs is more important than what party you belong to. That’s why one of the first votes I took as a senator was for a Democratic jobs bill.”

In recent weeks the Republican senator has worked to distance himself from the national GOP, instead highlighting his bipartisan positions and emphasizing endorsements from Democrats.

A previous ad even featured President Obama praising the senator.

His Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Warren, meanwhile, has sought to tie Brown to the more radical elements of the national Republican Party, as she, too, courts votes in the heavily Democratic state.