US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren releases first ad under new strategy

In a shift from earlier ads, US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren’s campaign released a new television commercial that shows her mingling with voters and highlights her themes of “struggling working men and women,’’ but leaves the speaking roles to an announcer and voters.

Titled “Your fight is Elizabeth’s fight,’’ the 30-second ad is a departure from the style that dominated her series of commercials that ran this summer and in which she played a significant role in talking to the camera.

The shift comes after Democrat leaders and activists, upset that her strong and animated advocacy style could be alienating voters, had lobbied her and her staff to soften her image.

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The latest ads shows her talking to people of all ages and backgrounds. She pats a burly worker on the arm, kneels down and listens to a child whispering in her ear, and she sits on a front porch listening to two elderly people.

It opens with Warren greeting votes and the announcer saying: “For anyone who had to take the extra shift to make ends meet. For everyone who planned for a secure retirement but is facing a struggle. For all the people who played by the rules but find the system rigged against them. Know this: your fight is Elizabeth Warren’s fight.’’