Scott Brown launches ad featuring Medal of Honor recipient

Senator Scott Brown launched another in a series of personality-driven campaign advertisements this morning, this one featuring the story and endorsement of a Korean War Veteran and Medal of Honor recipient.

The ad fits with the Brown strategy of emphasizing character and deemphasizing his Republican party association or policy stances. Though Brown has attacked Elizabeth Warren, his Democratic opponent, on the stump, he has not mentioned her in any of his advertisements, which have been mostly biographical or personal.

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The newest ad shows Brown “from the road,” as Brown explains while driving in his famous truck, visiting the Concord home of Tom Hudner, the 87-year-old Medal of Honor recipient.

With military footage interspersed, Brown tells of Hudner’s harrowing rescue attempt in Korea, when he intentionally crash-landed his airplane behind enemy lines.

Brown, a member of the national guard, admires Hudner’s medal and thanks him for his service.

Hudner in turn thanks Brown for helping veterans—an emphasis of Brown’s constituent services efforts: “You do a great service for all the veterans in our country.”