Mitt Romney campaign CFO described himself as ‘financial outsourcing consultant’ on professional networking site

The Mitt Romney campaign’s chief financial officer described himself as a “financial outsourcing consultant” on the professional networking website LinkedIn until at least July 17, according to a cached version of his profile page, but has since changed the description to “political/finance professional.”

The CFO, Bradley Crate, is also the founder and president of Red Curve Solutions , a Beverly-based financial management company that works with political campaigns, start-up companies, and nonprofit organizations.

Crate was an aide to Romney during his run for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and later became the state’s capital planning and policy director when Romney was in office.

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Crate’s brother, Darrell, is the Romney campaign’s treasurer and a former chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party.

Before going to work for Romney, Bradley Crate was a trader at JP Morgan Chase, where he traded in foreign markets, according to his profile.

The change to Crate’s LinkedIn profile came as Romney was defending himself against charges from President Obama’s reelection campaign that he has a record—in the private sector and as governor—of outsourcing jobs to other countries.

The Romney campaign did not immediately respond to a question about whether the change was related to the outsourcing attacks.