Barney Frank keeping wedding details under wraps (pssst -- it’s on a holiday weekend in July)

WASHINGTON—It’s not exactly the secret celebrity wedding of the season, but it still might be high-wattage enough—at least in political circles—to attract unwanted paparazzi. So a spokesman said Monday that Representative Barney Frank would prefer to keep the timing of his marriage to Jim Ready under wraps.

It’s not working too well. Frank himself has leaked enough clues that it is easy to conclude the wedding is this Saturday afternoon, in a private ceremony in Newton.

Barney said in a C-SPAN interview in May that he was not inviting President Obama and his wife, Michelle, to the nuptials because of the traffic disruptions it would cause in Newton and because guests would have to endure heavy security. Then he added telling details: he is marrying on a ``Saturday afternoon’’ and ``a holiday weekend.’’ He had previously spilled the beans that he was getting married in July.

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There are many other signs the big day is at hand, including on-the-record confirmation from guests.

Maine Representative Chellie Pingree and her husband, hedge-fund manager Donald Sussman, who are both friends of Frank’s, plan to attend the Saturday wedding, a spokeswoman confirmed Monday afternoon.

Newton police declined to discuss any special security arrangements. But an aide for Newton Mayor Setti Warren confirmed Monday that the mayor had been invited and planned to attend the ceremony.

On Friday, during an interview with the Globe about economic policy, an aide burst into Frank’s Capitol Hill office with a giant bunch of flowers. Frank shooed the aide away, saying, ``must be for the wedding.’’