New video shows Scott Brown spoke of meeting with ‘kings and queens’ five times prior

Remember Scott Brown’s gaffe on Thursday? The one about meeting with kings and queens?

His staff was quick to say the comment was a flub, acknowledging that the senator has not actually met with royalty.

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“He misspoke when he said kings and queens,” Brown spokesman Colin Reed said in a statement.

But the Massachusetts Democratic Party today released a video showing four prior examples when Brown used the same phrasing about meeting with “kings and queens” while speaking to audiences as part of his reelection bid.

Set to the Abba tune “Dancing Queen,” the video was blasted out in an e-mail release emphasizing that the tape “shows Brown making the claim in Wakefield, on Martha’s Vineyard, the Berkshires, and in Sandwich on the campaign trail.”

State party spokesman Matt House said the video was a compilation of footage shot by the party’s tracker since last summer.

House then offered yet another video example from 2010, when Brown made similar comments outside a Quincy diner while campaigning with congressional candidate Jeff Perry.

The Brown campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment today on the footage.