Restore Our Future reportedly making $7 million ad buy in 8 swing states

A super PAC backing presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is launching a $7 million swing-state advertising campaign a week after billionaire casino developer Sheldon Adelson infused the group with a $10 million gift, according to a report by The Washington Post.

A major buy by the super PAC, Restore Our Future, was widely expected to follow Adelson’s donation, by far the biggest to a group that had already raised $56.5 million through April. The hard-fought primary season drained much of Restore Our Future’s money, leaving it with $8.2 million cash on hand.

Restore Our Future does not confirm ad campaigns before they are finalized, according to a group spokeswoman. The Post cited media buying sources in reporting that the super PAC will spend at least $7 million to air ads in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania starting Wednesday.

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The ad buy is the first by Restore Our Future since a $2 million purchase on May 10, according Federal Election Commission filings. Until now, the group had spent a total of just $4 million on the general election.

The purchase is also the latest example of Restore Our Future’s relative might, compared to the leading pro-Obama super PAC, Priorities USA Action. With a single ad buy, Restore Our Future spent 74 percent of what Priorities USA Action had spent on the entire election through April.

Updated fundraising reports from both groups will become public on Wednesday.