Mitt Romney pokes fun at bridge project in Hillsborough, N.H.

HILLSBOROUGH, N.H.—Mitt Romney swung through Hillsborough, N.H., Friday afternoon for a carefully crafted stump speech that included pointed criticism of President Obama’s 2009 federal stimulus bill.

As the presidential hopeful strode out into the sunshine, a stone bridge roped off with police tape behind him took center stage. Renovation of the Sawyer Bridge, a so-called “bridge to nowhere,” was paid for in part with $150,000 in funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to help restore what is considered a civil engineering landmark.

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Romney painted a picture that the money was misused, telling supporters gathered at a nearby Ford dealership, “It’s not just wasteful spending, it’s wasteful borrowing as well. Our kids will have to pick up that obligation and what do we get? The bridge to nowhere,” he said to cheers.

Although the historic bridge has not been used in more than two decades, many in town consider it a tourist attraction that adds character to what is now a busy intersection. “This is not a joke.

“It’s the life blood of our community,” said Democrat Marjorie Porter, a Hillsborough state representative. “It’s part of our past and future.”