New Elizabeth Warren ad debuts and describes Democratic US Senate candidate as ‘the real deal’

Elizabeth Warren released her third television advertisement in four weeks today, one that features people testifying she is “the real deal.”

The newest ad comes as Warren is trying to shift the media focus from questions – which have lasted more than two weeks—about whether she claimed Native American heritage to advance her academic career.

Warren has made numerous appearances on national media this week, playing a familiar role as a critic of big banks, following the revelation of JPMorgan’s $2 billion loss.

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The new advertisement, which a campaign aide says will run a significant number of times and statewide, features several people talking about Warren’s modest upbringing and reputation for taking on Wall Street.

The people are dressed informally and seem to have Massachusetts accents.

“Her father was a janitor, my father was a janitor,” one woman says, followed by a man who says, “She’s one of us.”

Another woman says “Big banks, institutions, Wall Street, she’s not afraid of anybody.”

Warren’s campaign would not say how much the current advertising run will cost, but said the previous two advertisements cost a combined $1.6 million.

Warren is the presumed Democratic challenger to incumbent US Senator Scott Brown, a Republican, who is running for reelection this fall.