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Special Needs

Landmark School Summer Program

Students in grades 2-12, of average to superior intelligence, who have a history of healthy emotional development and who have been diagnosed with a specific language-based learning disability, are eligable for Landmark's Summer Programs. Several six-week programs offered, including daily one on one tutorials. Visits or call 978-236-3000 for information.

Contact info: Carolynn Orsini Nelson
PO Box 227
Prides Crossing, MA 01965
Ph: (978) 236-3000
Fax: (978) 927-7268

National Camp Association

National Camp Association has recommended the highest quality summer camps to families worlwide for nearly 25 years. They provide free, personalized, guidance and referrals to sleepaway programs. These include: general, sports, teen, travel, academic, weight-loss, special needs, and community service. Online services: camp referrals, job opportunities, camp supplies, and more, at

Contact info: Jeffrey Solomon, Executive Director
610 Fifth Ave.
NY, NY 10185
Ph: 800-966-2267

NH Camp Directors Association

The NH Camp Directorsí Association is an inclusive organization that represents NH licensed day, resident, agency, federation, non-profit and private camps, whose goal is to provide safe & superb camping in NH. Please visit our website at to learn more and request our 2005 directory.

Ages: Childrens, Teens, and Adults
Ph: (800)549-2267

Pine Ridge Summer School

Pine Ridge Summer School offers a residential program in the summer for learning disabled students ages nine to eighteen. The students spend six weeks improving language processing skills by attending two one to one Orton-Gilligham tutorials per day. In addition, they enjoy a full range of outdoor sports and regular camp activities.

Contact info: Anne de Vos
9505 Williston Road
Williston, VT 05494
Ages: 9-18
Ph: (802) 434-2161

Wediko Summer Program

The Wediko Summer program is a 45-day summer residential treatment program in Windsor, NH. Wediko provides services to children ages 7-18 who struggle with emotional and behavioral issues and learning disabilities. A high staff-to-child ratio allows us to implement objective-oriented treatment and educational plans, encouraging self-knowledge, self-control and self-esteem.

Type: Overnight Camp - Residential Program
Age: 7-18 Bonnie Thompson-Yezukevich
11 Bobcat Boulevard
Windsor, NH 03244
Ph: 617-292-9200 Fax: 617-292-9275