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National Camp Association

National Camp Association has recommended the highest quality summer camps to families worlwide for nearly 25 years. They provide free, personalized, guidance and referrals to sleepaway programs. These include: general, sports, teen, travel, academic, weight-loss, special needs, and community service. Online services: camp referrals, job opportunities, camp supplies, and more, at

Contact info: Jeffrey Solomon, Executive Director
610 Fifth Ave.
NY, NY 10185
Ph: 800-966-2267

Summer in Switzerland (at Leysin American School)

Summer in Switzerland (SIS), and international experience in the Alps, offer students aged 9-19 academics, recreational activities, and cultural excursions with morning classes and activities during afternoons and evenings. Specialized programs include Theater International and Leadership Adventure. One week tours also offered to France, Italy, and the English Theater district.

Contact info: Chris Pryor

Leysin, Switzerland
Ph: (888) 642-4142
Fax: (603) 431-1280

Tabor Academy Summer Program

Located on Sippican Harbor, the program offers sailing, swimming and Oceanography. We also offer academics such as English, Math, Computers and Science and instructional sports such as tennis, squash, soccer, and lacrosse. Tabor provides the option of doing summer schoolwork without losing any of the joys of summer camp.

Contact info: William Hrasky, Director
66 Spring Street
Marion, MA 02738
Ph: (508) 748-2000, Ext. 2242
Fax: (508) 291-8392