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Skyscraper climber detained in Moscow

MOSCOW - The French skyscraper climber who calls himself "Spiderman" scaled Europe's tallest skyscraper in the Russian capital yesterday before being detained by police. Alain Robert climbed to the top of the 799-foot Federation office building, Europe's tallest building, in less than a half-hour using a ladder. (AP)


Prosecutors probe Nazi salute video
VIENNA - Austrian prosecutors are investigating young soldiers seen exchanging Hitler salutes in a video that appeared on the Internet, Defense Minister Norbert Darabos said yesterday. In a statement, Darabos said suspects were being questioned. The event was captured by a mobile-phone camera and posted on the video-sharing website YouTube. Any display of Nazi propaganda or symbols is a crime in Austria. (Reuters)


Former president to lead clerical body
TEHRAN - Hashemi Rafsanjani, a former president and longtime Machiavellian figure in Iranian politics, was picked yesterday to head a powerful clerical body - another defeat for the current president's hard-line faction. Rafsanjani's election as chairman of the Assembly of Experts means the charismatic cleric will oversee the secretive body that chooses or dismisses the Islamic Republic's ultimate authority. (AP)


Prime minister says she will not concede
KINGSTON - Jamaica's first female prime minister refused to accept a razor-thin defeat that apparently ended her party's nearly 20 years in power, but the head of an international observer team said yesterday that the vote was "free, fair, and credible." The opposition Jamaica Labor Party won 31 of the 60 seats in the House of Representatives Monday, just enough to oust Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and her People's National Party. (AP)

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