Student tries to take art museum selfie, destroys statue

We’ve gotten to a point where this needs to be said: the selfie game has gone too far.

A student visiting an art museum in Italy decided it would be a brilliant idea to climb up into a statue’s lap in order to take a picture of himself. Well, as he went to snap the photo, one of the statue’s legs cracked and then shattered underneath him.

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Security at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera was stunned by the vandalism, according to a report from Mirror in London, and security cameras caught the whole incident on tape.

So let’s ask ourselves: is a selfie worth destroying a priceless work of art?

No, it is definitely not.

And sure, it turned out that the destroyed statue was really only a replica, but the student at fault couldn’t have known that! He just thought he could snap a quick picture and all of his friends would think he was cool. He’s no different than the girl behind the plane crash selfie or the people who took funeral selfies.

Besides, it’s about time we stopped trying to one-up each other by trying to take the best selfie in history. We all know Colin Powell already holds that crown.

(H/T Fark)