Pressure Mounts as Sunken South Korea Ferry’s Investigation Widens

This video of Capt. Lee Joon-seok, who was in charge of the ferry that sunk in South Korea earlier this month, was released Monday and shows him fleeing the sinking vessel while wearing what appears to be just his underpants.

Hundreds of others on board were not so fortunate.

The Captain could face life in prison, according to Business Week.

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All 15 members of the ferry’s crew have been arrested and charged with negligence and failing to help passengers in need, but there could be others to blame in this evolving saga.

CNN reported:

Three members of the Korea Shipping Association's Incheon office were arrested on suspicion of destroying evidence connected to the ferry investigation, Incheon's chief prosecutor said Monday. The office's director was among those arrested and accused of destroying evidence related to the probe of Chonghaejin, the company that owns the ferry, prosecutor Song In-taek said.

The country’s Prime Minister resigned Sunday, but there is still apparently plenty of pressure being placed on the rest of the government.

Time reported:

The government has come under fierce attack for a seemingly slow rescue operation after the ferry capsized on April 16, leaving 188 dead and over 100 people still unaccounted for. Several of the ship's safety breaches have also reflected badly on the administration, and prompted demands for an overhaul of the country's safety inspection agencies and the government?s disaster response system.

Divers found just one body on Sunday as the search to recover missing passengers continued on Monday.

As of Sunday, the death toll from the April was 188 people with 114 others missing.