Report: ‘Circular,’ ‘rectangular’ objects spotted in search for missing Malaysia airliner

Australia’s prime minister has reportedly told a Malaysian official that Australian crews searching the Indian Ocean have located two objects, NBC News reported.

An Australian plane has spotted "circular" and "rectangular" objects in sea while searching for the missing Flight 370 in the southern Indian Ocean, the country's prime minister told his Malaysia counterpart.

A Malaysian official said he was told Australian crews would attempt to retrieve the objects today, NBC reported.

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Meanwhile, a Chinese plane has also reported spotting multiple objects, according to the Associated Press.

The crew aboard one of two Chinese IL-76 aircraft combing the search zone observed two large objects and several smaller ones spread across several square kilometers (miles), Xinhua News Agency reported. At least one of the items - a white, square-shaped object - was captured on a camera aboard the plane, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a Boeing 777, disappeared March 8.