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Child adoptions worldwide

Adoptions are increasingly in the headlines around the world. Some Hollywood celebrities have been in the news recently for adopting children abroad, and there has been a renewed interest in the plight of orphaned children. What is the annual number of child adoptions worldwide?

A. 1 million B. 250,000 C. 125,000 D. 40,000

B. 250,000 is correct.

About 85 percent of these adoptions are domestic, or undertaken within the same country. In relative terms, the number of child adoptions is small, with only 1.5 percent out of the 16 million orphans worldwide being placed each year.

The number of adoptions that take place each year in the United States is 125,000. The United States thus accounts for about one-half of the total number of child adoptions worldwide, with most of them being domestic adoptions.

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