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Excerpts from memo

Some of the possible options Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld outlined in a classified memorandum to President Bush for "a major adjustment" in Iraq.

Significantly boost the number of US trainers and transfer more equipment to the Iraqi security forces.

Decrease quickly the number of US bases, now 55, to five by July 2007.

Provide US security only in cities or provinces that actively cooperate.

Focus reconstruction "in those parts of Iraq that are behaving . . . No more reconstruction assistance in areas where there is violence."

Place substantial US forces near the borders with Syria and Iran to reduce infiltration and reduce Iran's influence.

Withdraw US forces from vulnerable positions, such as patrols, and use them as a quick-reaction force to assist Iraqi security forces when needed.

Begin modest withdrawals of US and coalition forces to encourage the Iraqi government to take charge.

Provide money to political and religious leaders "to get them to help us through this difficult period."

Announce that the United States is trying out a new approach, which would allow further adjustments, if necessary.


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