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Findings on Iraq by 2 UN arms inspectors

The findings released yesterday by Charles Duelfer, the chief UN arms inspector in Iraq, strengthened preliminary findings of his successor, David Kay.

Duelfer report, yesterday

Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction when the US-led invasion began in March 2003.

Iraq had no stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons for military use before March 2003 and its nuclear program had been mothballed since after the 1991 Gulf War.

Signs were found of idle programs that Saddam Hussein's regime hoped to revive once international attention had waned.

Kay report, Oct. 2, 2003

The team failed to find illegal weapons after three months of searching.

The team found evidence of equipment and activities that were not declared to United Nations inspectors before the war.

It found little evidence that Iraq had an ongoing nuclear program by the time of the 2003 war.

It was unable to corroborate the existence of a mobile biological weapon production effort cited by the Bush administration in a prewar presentation at the United Nations.

Source: News reports

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