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Afghan militant killed; relative of Taliban leader captured

US soldier hurt in separate attack

KABUL, Afghanistan -- Afghan and US forces killed one militant and captured five others yesterday, including a brother-in-law of Taliban leader Mullah Omar. An American soldier reportedly was wounded in a separate attack.

Last night, two rockets were fired into Kabul, blowing a hole in a busy main road and landing near a downtown theater. There were no casualties. The police chief, General Baba Jan, blamed "the enemies of Afghanistan and its people" -- shorthand here for Taliban militants and followers of warlords opposed to President Hamid Karzai's government.

Earlier, Karzai tried to quell a threat to upcoming national elections by shifting three militia commanders to different posts. Karzai has said warlords -- not the Taliban -- are the greatest threat to Afghanistan's recovery from more than two decades of fighting.

Mullah Amanullah, brother-in-law of the fugitive Taliban leader, was detained near Deh Rawood, Omar's hometown in Uruzgan Province, 250 miles southwest of the capital, Kabul, Police Chief Rozi Khan said.

Afghan forces, acting on a tip, went to an area called Sangar and stopped Amanullah's car. Amanullah started shooting, killing a police commander.

Authorities searched the car and found three remote-controlled bombs, a satellite telephone, and an AK-47 assault rifle, Khan said.

It was not immediately known what role Amanullah held in the Taliban movement or whether he had any recent contact with Mullah Omar, who could have a large network of in-laws through his four wives.

Khan said Afghan authorities might hand Amanullah over to American forces. A US military spokesman, Major Rick Peat, had no information on the arrest.

Uruzgan and neighboring Zabul have been the focus of an insurgency by Omar's followers since American and Afghan forces deposed the Taliban regime in late 2001. Governor Khial Mohammed said one militant was killed and four were captured in Zabul Monday when US and Afghan troops searched villages for guns and rebels.

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