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Humidity and high temperatures both to fall this week

If you are on vacation this week, itís going to be a nice one overall. There are some changes ahead as heat and humidity drop, but I donít expect much in the way of rainfall.

Weather is making news all over the country this morning. The rainfall across the west coast and desert southwest has been super-historic. Many places from Los Angeles to San Diego have received more rain in the past three days than they would typically see during their wettest month of the year: January. According to the Weather Channel, San Diegoís 1.70 inches of rainfall through 11 p.m. last night was more rain than had fallen in the past 101 Julys combined! That statistic is simply amazing.

In parts of western Maine and Vermont there was 2-5 inches of rain last evening, and this caused some road closures and localized flooding. While certainly not record-breaking, it was noteworthy during an active weather weekend.

Boston finally reached 90 degrees on Sunday, the first such occurrence of the year and the fifth-latest point in the year it has happened since records started. It hasnít been a warm summer at all, and although humidity levels did reach the oppressive mark the past couple of days, these periods of heat and humidity have been fleeting.

Logan Airport, where records are kept for Boston, will exceed 90 again today, the second such occurrence of the year. If this is done again tomorrow it will count as an official heat wave. The high tomorrow will likely get close to 90 degrees, whether we reach 88, 89, or 90, weíll have to wait and see.

The humidity this morning is still very high and uncomfortable. During the day the levels of moisture in the air will fall but still remain noticeable. This lasts through tomorrow, before the truly dry air arrives on Wednesday.

There could be a shower or thunderstorm Tuesday evening with the transition from the humid to the dry air mass, but I donít expect severe weather to be an issue or the storms to be widespread.

The rest of the week looks great with sunshine and some clouds, low humidity and pleasant temperatures. As a matter of fact, highs may only reach the 70s by the end of the week and into the start of the upcoming weekend, and then they will reach below average once again.

cool air later this week.png

Iíll use this one image above to illustrate the upcoming trend in temperature. This is from the GFS model and is a collection of predictions of temperature over the next two weeks. Notice the core of the cooler air arrives Saturday before we see a warming trend for the final 10 days of the month. The black line represents the average of all the predictions.

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