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Snow Is Over, But Wind and Cold Remain Through Tonight

4:30 PM Update
The skies are clearing, the wind is still strong, but I did get a change to take a few pictures. I thought this sums up pretty well how deep the snow has become.

winter high tunnel feb2015.png

1PM Update
The snow is over and you will see the sun poke through the clouds during the rest of the afternoon. Winds will be gusty and whip the snow into drifts. As it turns colder after 4PM, wind chill readings will drop further. The map below shows expected wind chill readings this evening around 7PM.


9AM Update
The heaviest snow bands continue to move south rotating around the storm which is out at sea. Temperatures will remain in the teens this afternoon, which while cold, won't be as cold as later this evening. Try to clean up the snow as soon as it stops before temperatures fall later in the day. Notice the green areas on the radar moving south of Boston. That is where it's snowing at 2 to 4 inches per hour as of this update.

I'll update the forecast here and on Twitter @growingwisdom


7:30AM Update
Logan Airport has recorded 10.2 inches of snow so far in this storm. 7 of that came this morning in 3 hours. This puts Boston at 89.7 inches for the season, most of that in the past three weeks. The next snowiest winter is 96.3 set back in the winter of 1993-94. It would take another 18 inches to break the all time snowiest winter. In this pattern, that's certainly possible.


6AM Storm Update
An intense band of snow will move through the area this morning with possible thunder and snowfall rates of 2-4 inches per hour. This means 4-8 inches of new snow is likely on top of what fell last evening. Some spots could see 10 inches in this short period of time. As of 6AM the radar loop shows the band moving south. The darkest green is where itís snowing most intensely.

6am loop3213.gif

The snow will be ending between about 11AM and 1PM as this band and the storm itself move further east and beyond the area. Winds will be strongest along the coastline. This is also the most likely area to reach blizzard or near blizzard criteria. The blizzard warning is still posted from Worcester County eastward.


Ground Blizzard
After the snow ends, visibility could still be under a quarter of a mile as the wind picks up the snow and blows it around. If the wind is over 35 miles per hour for three hours in a row this is still considered a blizzard even if it's stopped snowing.

Inland it will still become very windy this morning, but winds will not be as strong as right along the water. Since the storm is slightly further east than forecast yesterday, the most intense winds will also remain further east. This is good news in terms of power outages and potential damage from the wind.

The wind will peak during the early afternoon before slowly subsiding overnight. It wonít be until Monday evening when we can finally remove the wind from the forecast.

While the wind might not be as strong as you expected, we wonít get away from the cold. During the day temperatures will remain in the teens to near 20, but then fall quickly in the afternoon. By 7PM this evening parts of Worcester County will already be near zero.
Monday brings more cold and low wind chills. Highs will only be in the 11-18 degree range with wind chills below zero all day.

Wind Chill Warning
The combination of wind and cold has prompted the National Weather Service to issue a wind chill warning for much of the area through Monday morning. These warning are issued when wind chills are expected to be under 25 below zero for three hours in a row or longer. Needless to say, if you need to be outside tonight or tomorrow morning, use common sense and dress appropriately.

Wednesday Storm
There is still the chance of more snow in the forecast for the middle of the week, but Iím not convinced this will hit us. Iíll have a better idea on this later today.

Break In The Pattern
I donít see enough data yet to indicate a break in the cold and snowy pattern. However, we may see a bit of a respite for a day or two in about a week. Until then, itís more cold and more chances of snow. The Great Snow Of 2015 continues.

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