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Snowstorm Ends, Cold Continues

7:15PM Update

Light snow will end over Cape Cod/SE areas by 10PM. Accumulation is basically done elsewhere. There could be a coating to an inch or two more.

I'll write more about the storm tomorrow as well as thoughts on the next possible events.

Today's storm brought more snow than expected to some areas. The warm air didn't last as long as expected therefore areas south of Boston got more snow. The afternoon bands brought about 2-4 inches more than expected. But, the biggest surprise was parts of Worcester county had some totals at 2 feet, clearly not in the forecast.

Snowstorms, even generally well predicted ones, bring surprises. For some areas the snow was underestimated. The intensity of the afternoon banding wasn't forecast , although the snow was expected to continue into the evening.

Thanks for following the forecast here and on Twitter @growingwisdom.

3:20 PM Update
Bands of heavy snow continue across the area. The snow will remain heavy for a few more hours capping snow totals over a foot in many areas and some 18 inch amounts will show up where there is banding occurring.


1:45PM Update
Lots of snow, lots of snow. The mild air has made it about as far north as it's going to and the cold air now pushes south. If you live in an area where you got rain and there is slush on the ground you'll want to remove it soon to avoid having it flash freeze this evening.

130pm 2215.png

I expect 3-6 more inches of snow this afternoon across the area with the highest amounts north and west of Boston.

8:45 AM Update
Very heavy snow continues around the region with the sleet line pushing across Cape Cod. I expect the heaviest of the snow to be over between 11AM and Noon, but the storm won't end until evening.

Morning Blog
The snowstorm is underway and the bottom line is many of you are going to see around a foot of snow. Folks to the south of Boston will see less and it will taper off to between 2 and 4 inches over Cape Cod and the Islands. Thatís where a change to mixed precipitation and even plain rain occur.


The snow is very light and easy to move around and will continue in that form for much of the storm. However, from about Boston to just south of Worcester there will be a period when the snow does become denser and contain more water, so it will get heavier. I suggest trying to shovel in stages today so you can get the easy stuff up and then deal with the heavier snow.

The map below gives a rough idea where the different phases of the storm will end up. If you are right on the line you might not see the sleet or rain at all. Perhaps where you live the snow may become a bit heavier if you are in the southern part of the fluffiest zone.

fluffy snow2215.bmp

Iíll update the position of the snow/mix/rain line during the storm on Twitter @growingwisdom

Winds wonít be nearly as strong as the last storm. Inland areas this morning will have little wind at all. This afternoon they will increase along the coast and especially over the North Shore where the snow can be whipped into large drifts. This will make using a snow blower more difficult with the wind.

How Much And When It Ends
The storm ends completely between roughly 7PM and 10PM west to east. Everyone, including Cape Cod will end as snow. Most of the accumulating snow is actually over by about 1 pm, but there will still be some accumulation, 1-4 inches this afternoon after the heaviest has ended. My plan is to let the heaviest fall, clear that and then do a final pass later this evening.


The radar loop below (credit:WeatherBell Analytics) takes us through 6PM. Notice the darker blue, the heaviest snow, moves in and out. The rain is in green with the mix line between the two. The mix line reaches about Boston and then turns around and heads south and off the coast.

radar predict2215.gif

Frozen Solid
Personally, I think the most difficult part of the storm will be for those folks who do have rain on top of a few inches of snow and then an inch of snow on top of that. The chart below shows how the storm will unfold over Cape Cod. Notice how mild it gets and how quickly it then freezes. If you are in this region you will want to make every effort to get the snow/slush off walkways and driveways later this afternoon, before it refreezes.


Roof Issues
Flat roofs may or may not have a lot of snow on them from the last storm. Most of you with pitched roofs had a good deal of the snow blow off in the blizzard. While we have seen a lot of snow in the past week, the majority of us donít have to worry about the weight of the snow. If you are concerned, give an expert a call.

Coastal Flooding
This isnít the same type of storm as last week. There can be some minor splash over of sea water during high tide around 10AM and a few shore roads that typically get water during a storm could become covered, but thatís the extent of the coastal issues.

Continued Cold, More Snow
After the storm is over the cold continues in waves. What you will notice a day or two of recovery before it becomes cold again. The next focus for snow potential is Thursday night and Friday. One model has another round of accumulating snow during this time period while other models just keep us covered in cold dry air. Weíll have to wait a day or two to give a better forecast, but if the pattern is any indication, you already know where in which direction this is going.

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