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Record Breaking Snowstorm In The Books, Active Pattern Continues

Well that was fun. Is anyone for more snow? The first thing to know is Fridayís event looks small by all measures. I am thinking a 1 to 4 inches of snow sort of range at this point with the highest amounts in north of the Pike and perhaps even some rain over Cape Cod.

With the historical storm now over Worcester saw its largest snowstorm on record with 34.5 inches of snow and Boston put its sixth largest snowstorm in the books with 23.3 inches of new snow. Boston has now had about 14 inches more snow than average for the season. Amazing how fast that can happen.


You can rest easy for a couple of days with cloudy skies today and a few sunny breaks late afternoon. Highs will be in the mid 20s. It clears out overnight and with the fresh snow lows are going to fall into the single numbers to near zero. Some far interior spots could go under that mark

Tomorrow looks like a nice quite day with little wind and some sunshine to start the morning. Clouds are going to increase during the afternoon, but there wonít be any precipitation anywhere so the evening commute will go off without a hitch, at least from the weather.

The most frustrating part of having this much snow on the ground is the narrowness of the side streets. I have to keep reminding myself not to get impatient and add a few extra minutes to my schedule to find parking and remember itís going to longer to get from point A to point B for a while.

There is a weak system riding the jet stream south towards New England on Thursday night and Friday. This low pressure area will eventually gain strength and become a sizeable storm, but itís going to happen too far north to bring a big storm to the region. Northern Maine might see a foot or more from the Friday storm if you are feeling any sort of need to experience another snowstorm.

Unless something drastically changes, this will be just a small event for southern New England and bring perhaps a few inches of snow with even some mixing or rain over Cape Cod. The map below for Friday shows the storm north of southern New England, this keep the heaviest precipitation over Maine.


If I see any changes in the pattern Iíll update on Twitter @growingwisdom as well as on the blog.

The weekend will be fantastic for skiing all areas of New England. Just pick your favorite one and head for the slopes. Colder air arrives for Saturday and continues Sunday but itís dry.

Another storm of significant snow or even rain will hit the area Sunday night and Monday. All the models agree on the stormís formation, but disagree on exact track. This will make an enormous difference with snow versus rain as well as heavy wet snow or lighter fluffier snow. The system will be moving faster than yesterdayís noríeaster so it wonít be that long lasting of an event, but could bring significant snow back to the area late this weekend into Monday.


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