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Tornadoes hit Western, Central Mass.

Tornadoes tore through areas of the state on June 1, 2011, killing at least four people, injuring an untold number, and reducing schools, churches, and homes to splinters.


Storm coverage videos


Views from the air

Views from the air
Aerial images of the tornado's aftermath.

Aftermath of storms

Aftermath of storms
Residents, emergency officials begin to clean up.

Scenes of devastation

Storm's devastation
What was left in the wake of the storms.
Tornadoes, lightning, and more from June storm.
Readers' images
Photos and videos sent in from readers.


Tornadoes in Mass.

Tornadoes in Mass.
An interactive history of the destructive storms in the state.

Profile of a rescue

Profile of a rescue
How rescue officials deploy and coordinate their operations.

One street's damage

One street's damage
How the tornado affected a Springfield neighborhood.

Path of tornadoes

Path of tornadoes
Where the twisters hit in Western, Central Mass.

Anatomy of a tornado

Anatomy of a tornado
A look at the conditions that create a violent storm.

A year after deadly tornado, Springfield still recovering

Some suburbs have made progress after the most destructive tornado to hit New England in 60 years, but low-income sections lack the resources to rebuild. (Globe)

Western Mass. tornadoes one year later

Western Mass. tornadoes one year later
Today is the one-year mark of the devastating tornadoes in Western Mass. that killed four people and reduced schools, churches, and homes to splinters.

Uprooted Springfield family tries to resettle after tornado

Michael Runnells, his wife, Beatriz and their daughter, Stephanie, have been staying at a Red Cross shelter in Springfield since their home was destroyed by the tornado. Their days are now a litany of phone calls and paperwork as they search for a new place to live. (Boston Globe, 6/12/11)

Removing Mass. tornado
debris may cost tens of millions

As state and local governments move from the rescue and recovery phase to cleaning up after last week’s deadly tornadoes, they are grappling with how to remove an untold amount of debris. (Boston Globe, 6/10/11)

For young victims, tornado lives on

About 40,000 students returned to school this week after three tornadoes tore through western Massachusetts. Returning to the classroom, educators say, is a way to restore at least part of students’ daily routines. But even that proved challenging in storm-ravaged Springfield. (Boston Globe, 6/8/11)

Twisters struck city on the mend

As Springfield struggles to recover from last week’s three devastating tornadoes, officials are seeking approval from the City Council to run a deficit for the first time since the city emerged from its five years under state control. (Boston Globe, 6/7/11)

Steeple gone, but church is unbroken

Since three tornadoes ravaged central and western Mass., volunteers have used the First Church of Monson as a relief hub. (By Laura J. Nelson, Globe Correspondent)

A huge recovery along a path of ruin, loss

National Weather Service meteorologists confirmed that three separate tornadoes struck Mass. on Wednesday afternoon, a main twister that accounted for nearly all the damage, and two smaller ones that touched down for only a few minutes each. (By Stephanie Ebbert, Globe Staff)

Panoramas from a Springfield street

Panoramas from a Springfield street
Photos of the destruction on Pennsylvania Avenue.

'It looks like a war zone'

A day after deadly tornadoes ripped through Central and Western Massachusetts, dozens of injured residents were recovering in hospitals, hundreds were homeless, and tens of thousands remained without power. (By David Abel and Brian MacQuarrie, Globe Staff, 6/3/11)

With storm raging, a mother
makes the ultimate sacrifice

As the killer storm bore down outside, Angelica Guerrero rushed her 15-year-old daughter to the bathroom and pressed the girl into the shelter of their bathtub. Then Guerrero climbed in herself, huddling protectively over her child. It was the safest place the terrified mother could find. But it was not safe enough to save two lives. (By Eric Moskowitz and Jenna Russell, Globe Staff)

Senators Kerry and Brown and Governor Patrick are touring the towns that suffered massive damage from the storms that killed at least four people. (Globe, 6/2/11)

Tornadoes kill four;
emergency is declared

Tornadoes tore through Western and Central Massachusetts, killing at least four people, injuring an untold number, and reducing schools, churches, and homes to splinters along its destructive path. (Globe Staff, 6/2/11)