New I-93 north exits and entrances

When the new I-93 north tunnel opens on March 30, some familiar exits and entrances will close permanently, while other new ones will open for the first time. A look at the changes:

 E X I T S 

Destination Old exit New route

I-90 east 20 No change. This exit will also serve I-90 west and South Station.
I-90 west, South Station 20A Exit 20. After exiting, drivers headed to South Station should follow the posted detour along Frontage Road.
Northern Avenue 22 Exit 20. Take detour to South Station and Atlantic Avenue, or follow ramp to I-90 east and exit at South Boston.
Exit 23. Follow signs for Aquarium.
Causeway Street 25 Exit 23. Follow signs for Government Center.
Exit 26. Follow signs for North Station and Leverett Circle.
Storrow Drive, North Station 26 No change. It's a new two-lane ramp, but the exit number and the destinations stay the same. Use the left lane for North Station and Leverett Circle, the right lane for Storrow Drive.

 E N T R A N C E S 

Old entrance New entrance/changes

Southampton Street, South Boston Bypass Road, Mass. Ave. Connector Same location, but drivers entering here will no longer be able to access I-90 west or South Station. For those destinations, use Frontage Road.
Broadway Bridge, Frontage Road Ramp moved slightly north. Drivers on Frontage Road should use left lane.
Surface Artery near Essex and South streets New Atlantic Avenue onramp. New ramp from Surface Artery scheduled to open in 2004.
Atlantic Avenue New Atlantic Avenue onramp.
North Street near Callahan Tunnel New Sudbury Street.

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