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Kevin Weeks
Kevin Weeks

Kevin Weeks

Among members of the Boston underworld, no one was closer to "Whitey" Bulger than Kevin Weeks, a South Boston native and loyal tough guy who Bulger groomed as his successor and treated like a son.

During the 1980s, Weeks operated several of the Southie convenience stores and liquor marts that served as fronts for the Bulger organization. Weeks received "rent" payments from loan sharks and bookmakers, insulating Bulger from the transactions, and also helped shake down local crooks and businessmen behind on their debts to the gang.

Following Bulger's disappearance in 1995, Weeks acted as "operational chief" of the Bulger organization, taking orders from the fugitive gangster over the phone and delivering fake identification to him during clandestine meetings in Chicago and New York.

Once Bulger and Flemmi were outed as FBI snitches, Weeks became the target of local mobsters who had been ratted out by the pair. He also grew increasingly bitter toward his former bosses. In 1999, he was arrested and charged in a federal racketeering indictment. Facing the prospect of charges that could send him to prison for life, and with no financial or legal assistance forthcoming from Bulger's ruined organization, Weeks agreed to cooperate against his old boss, going from gangster to government witness. In 2000 he led police to the bodies of eight alleged Bulger victims buried in various locations around Boston. He pleaded guilty to assisting Bulger in five murders, and served just five years and three months in prison. He wrote an autobiography titled, "Brutal: The Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger's Irish Mob.'' Weeks co-wrote a book titled, "Where's Whitey?" released in 2010.

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