Part One / Sept. 10, 2006

Are we safer?

Despite millions spent, Boston is vulnerable

Five years after 9/11, even those sworn to protect a nation transformed by terror acknowledge that if someone with deadly diligence targeted Boston or another major American city, the chance of success remains high. (First of three parts. This story was reported and written by Stephen Kurkjian, Kevin Cullen, and Thomas Farragher of the Globe staff.)
Post 9/11 security in Boston

Part Two / Sept. 11, 2006

The Long War -- Part two

Tragedy tears at a family's bonds

Five years ago today, Dottie Grodberg lost her daughter Lisa when her plane slammed into the World Trade Center. Two weeks after that, she lost the rest of her family. (By Sally Jacobs, Globe Staff)

Part Three / Sept. 12, 2006

Afghan role changing, quarry still elusive

The conflict in Afghanistan that began as a response to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks was a massive manhunt for Osama bin Laden and a campaign to topple the Taliban government that offered him support. But five years later, the Taliban are resurgent, bin Laden remains at large, and the war is far from over.
The Long War -- A reporter's notebook

Reporter's notebook

An interactive audio slideshow
Travel with The Boston Globe's Charles Sennott to Afghanistan and Pakistan as he interviews those who are hunting Osama bin Laden -- and those who support him.
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