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Closing parishes

Recent coverage of the parish closing process


St. Mark's in Dorchester fights for survival

(By Kellyanne Mahoney, Globe Correspondent, 3/7/04)
St. Mark's was one of two parishes in its cluster nominated to close as part of a speedy and sweeping consolidation of the archdiocese's 357 parishes.

Catholic churchgoers face day of reckoning

(By Kathy McCabe, Globe Staff, 3/7/04)
Catholics today will learn which local churches are being recommended for closure by special parish committees set up to advise the Archdiocese of Boston.

Smaller church braces for decision

(By Christine McConville, Globe Staff, 3/7/04)
There were no BMWs parked outside Immaculate Conception Church in Winchester on Wednesday morning. There were no Cadillac Escalades or Chevy Suburbans, either.

Targeted church praying for a miracle

(By Joanna Massey, Globe Staff, 3/7/04)
By this time last year, parishioners at St. George in Norwood had raised about $7,000 to install an elevator to provide greater access to the 92-year-old stucco church.

Archdiocese rebuffs pleas on closings

(By Stephen Kurkjian, Globe Staff, 3/6/04)
Despite personal pleas from the mayor and US Representative Stephen P. Lynch of South Boston, the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston has refused to slow its church-closing process.

2 S. Boston parishes targeted for closure

(By Stephen Kurkjian and
Kellyanne Mahoney, Globe Staff and Globe Correspondent, 3/5/04)
With South Boston's seven Catholic parishes unable to agree on which of them should close, the regional vicar has decided to call for shutting two of the best known in the neighborhood.

Fifth of parish groups reject closing

(By Michael Paulson and Stephen Kurkjian, Globe Staff, 3/4/04)
One-fifth of the clusters of parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston say they are unwilling or unable to recommend any of their member churches for closure.

Consultant helps parishes to cope

(By Erica Noonan, Globe Staff, 3/4/04)
A management consultant with a doctorate in theology has emerged as a go-to person in the tense negotiations among church leaders in eight communities.

Many upset parish school to close

(By Ralph Ranalli, Globe Staff, 3/4/04)
St. Ann School in Somerville will cease operation at the end of the year, a victim of changing demographics, rising costs, and dire financial realities.

Diocese to speed parish closings

(By Michael Paulson, Globe Staff, 3/3/04)
The Catholic Archdiocese of Boston is planning to accelerate the pace of parish closings, even as public officials increasingly are clamoring for a slowdown.

For local parishes, a reckoning

(By Erica Noonan and
Kellyanne Mahoney, Globe Staff and Globe Correspondent, 2/15/04)
Discussions are underway in nearly all the archdiocese's 357 parishes about which churches should close. Some groups are moving forward gingerly. Others appear stalled.
Church's fiscal crisis aired
Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley last night outlined a series of dire realities confronting the area's largest religious denomination, saying that while the Catholic Church in Boston is rebounding from crisis, it faces a shortage of priests, worshipers, and dollars that necessitates an upcoming round of parish closings. (2/5/04)
1 in 6 go to Mass, data show
About one in six Catholics in the Archdiocese of Boston attends Mass during any given week, a weak attendance rate that contributes to the need to close parishes, the archdiocese said yesterday. (1/30/04)
Making peace in the parishes
The Rev. Robert Sullivan started noticing the faces last October, shortly after the Archdiocese of Boston reached an $85 million settlement agreement with more than 500 victims of sexual abuse. (1/25/04)
O'Malley seeks advice on closings
Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley is giving Catholic churches in Boston eight weeks to decide which among them should be closed. (1/13/04)
Accept pain of closings, letter says
Saying "now is the time for decisive action," Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley is sending a letter this weekend to Boston Catholics urging them to accept the pain of parish closings to strengthen the Archdiocese of Boston. (1/10/04)
Dorchester parish struggles to survive
The old-timers call St. Peter's The Rock. They talk of the days when there were 10 Masses on a weekend, when the convent was full of nuns and the schools packed with children, when the ushers wore tuxedos to High Mass at the Dorchester church. (1/4/04) (1/4/04)
Globe Editorial: When churches close
Archbishop Sean O'Malley is signaling that pastoral purpose and not just financial concerns will guide his hand in any closings of parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston. Maximum involvement by lay Catholics would help make certain that words and deeds align. (12/29/03)
O'Malley plans aggressive cuts
Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley said yesterday that the consolidation of the Archdiocese of Boston's 357 parishes will be "a painful undertaking," but that he plans an unusually aggressive approach that will result in the announcement of some church closings as early as June 1. (12/17/03)
Many parishes seem closure candidates
The city of Lawrence boasts seven Catholic parishes, five of which serve ethnic groups most of whose members have long since moved away. (12/10/03)
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