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DORCHESTER: Dot. Dot. Dot.
Before there was Boston, there was Dorchester. (Boston Globe, 9/18/05)
WEST END: Born Again
Flattened 50 years ago in the name of urban renewal, the West End is once again in turmoil over its future. (Boston Globe, 8/7/05)
SOUTH BOSTON: Same Old Southie
As much as South Boston has changed and gentrified and yuppified, it has, in truth, not changed much at all. Still gritty, still old Boston. (Boston Globe, 5/29/05)
NORTH END: The Sound of Silence
The North End has survived the clamor of the Central Artery and years of Big Dig construction, only to find itself in a quiet struggle between Old World and new. (Boston Globe, 1/23/05)
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