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2010 midterm elections

2010 midterm elections

The November elections brought change to Congress as Republicans took control of the House. (Fall 2010)


Swine flu resources

Swine flu resources

A new strain of swine flu, a respiratory disease caused by type A influenza viruses, spread to dozens of countries. (Spring 2009)


Finding the fallen

Finding the fallen

During World War II, more than 2,000 American pilots and crew members were lost over Papua New Guinea. Now a Pentagon team is trying to bring them home.
(May 2008)
The Papal Visit

The Papal Visit

Coverage of Pope Benedict XVI's six-day, two-city visit to the United States, a nation enamored of his predecessor but largely unsure what to make of the new pontiff.  (April 2008)
Virginia Tech shooting

Virginia Tech shooting

A gunman identified as Seung-Hui Cho, 23, massacred 32 people at Virginia Tech in the deadliest shooting rampage in modern US history. (April 2007)
Includes video, photo galleries, graphics, and resources.
Boston Globe wins 2007 Pulitzer Prize

Boston Globe wins 2007 Pulitzer Prize

Charlie Savage (left), a reporter for The Boston Globe's Washington, D.C., bureau, was awarded the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for his work on presidential signing statements. Read the series here. (April 2007)

A promise to keep

Veterans Affairs is a vast agency that makes a vast promise: "To Care for Him Who Shall Have Borne the Battle and for His Widow, and His Orphan." But the VA is straining, and, many Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans say, often failing to live up to those words. (March 2007)
Includes audio slideshows, audio, and information for veterans.

25 New Englanders to Watch in Washington

Here are a few New Englanders, presented in no particular order, who may make a difference in Washington this year. Many of them come with questions attached -- on their effectiveness, on their agendas, on their ability to deliver to country and constituents. (March 2007)

Gerald R. Ford, 1913-2006

Gerald R. Ford Jr., the 38th president of the United States, whose earnest manner and manifest personal decency helped restore the confidence of a nation traumatized by the Watergate scandal, died Dec. 26. (December 2006)
Includes photo galleries, NECN Video, and message boards
The war after the war

The war after the war

They were an Army of Three. And when the bomb went off outside Baghdad, killing N.H.'s Jeremy Regnier, the survivors of the squad found their lives upended.  (October 2006)   Photos 'Welcome to Hell'
Exporting faith

Exporting faith

In the first of a four-part series, the Globe reports President Bush almost doubled the percentage of US foreign-aid dollars going to faith-based groups. (October 2006)   Photos |  Chart
AIDS at 25

AIDS at 25

A history of the disease seen through the eyes of its victims, the researchers who study it, and the activists who fight its spread.
(June 2006)
The science of evolution

The science of evolution

Recent discoveries about how genes interact are changing the way we think about evolution.  (March 2006)  Read the series
Previous reports
Portraits in power Portraits in power
A three-part series
Profiles of three leaders who represent the changing face of America's evangelical movement. (October 2005)
Social Security on the front burner Social Security on the front burner
A three-part series
President Bush made Social Security reform the centerpiece of his second-term agenda. This series examines the economic and political stakes involved. (January - February 2005)
The stem cell debate The stem cell debate
This Pulitzer Prize-winning series of articles by Globe health and science writer Gareth Cook details the complex medical and ethical dimensions of stem-cell research. (April - December 2004)
Nursing homes show uneven gains Nursing homes show uneven gains
Two years after the Bush administration began grading nursing homes, a Globe analysis of records indicates progress in some areas of patient care, but no gains in others. (December 2004)
chart Mass. nursing homes Includes graphics
Deals, but no debate in Congress Deals, but no debate in Congress
With one party controlling the White House and Congress, the House leadership is changing the way laws are made in America, favoring secrecy and speed over open debate and negotiation. (October 2004) Includes graphics
Ronald Reagan: 1911-2004 Ronald Reagan: 1911-2004
An archive of coverage of the life, death, and legacy of President Ronald Reagan, who died on June 5, 2004, after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease. (June 2004)   A life in pictures
Includes photo galleries, timelines, and video
Bush's service: What the record shows Bush's service: What the record shows
A Globe examination of the records in 2000 unearthed official reports by President Bush's Air National Guard commanders that they had not seen him for a year. (May 2000 - February 2004)
Photo Gallery PHOTO GALLERY: Bush in the National Guard
Charity begins at home Charity begins at home
A Globe investigation found scores of private charitable foundations whose tax returns show charity officers are the principal beneficiaries of assets. (October - December 2003) Includes graphics
September 11: One year after September 11: One year after
September 11, 2002, passed quietly, a national requiem that found citizens and leaders grasping for words to describe the hellish events of the year before. (September 2002)
Security, buildings, cities after 9/11 Security, buildings, cities after 9/11
Planners and architects are devising new ways to make structures ranging from office building to national landmarks safer in the post-Sept. 11 world. (July 2002)
Common-sense guide to keeping safe Common-sense guide to keeping safe
Most Americans are experiencing the symptoms of an epidemic: fear. (November 2001) Includes graphics
New day of infamy New day of infamy
Terrorists hijacked four passenger jets and turned them into guided missiles on Sept. 11, 2001, in choreographed attacks that left thousands dead and shredded the nation's sense of security. (September 2001)   Photo galleries
Includes graphics, timelines, Globe front pages