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A look at the mayor's performance on major issues during his 12 years in office.

Mayor lauded on city's race issues

(By Brian C. Mooney, Globe Staff, 10/16/05)
Several of those interviewed said they wished that the mayor would appoint more minorities to city jobs.
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Police struggle with shrinking force, resources

(By Suzanne Smalley, Globe Staff, 10/5/05)
Seven years after Mayor Thomas M. Menino earned international acclaim for dramatically reducing violent crime in Boston, homicides are again on the rise, and police are struggling to bring criminals to justice.
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City's parks experience a renaissance

(By Donovan Slack, Globe Staff, 8/31/05)
The city doesn't provide Wiffle balls, bats, or basketballs the way it used to at Brighton's Portsmouth Street playground. But 55-year-old John Bruno said he hasn't seen the park this well-maintained for decades. Before Mayor Thomas M. Menino took office in 1993, Bruno said, the playground didn't even have a trash can.

Raises from the mayor outpace private sector

(By Scott S. Greenberger, Globe Staff, 8/2/05)
During the last decade, Mayor Thomas M. Menino has granted more generous raises to Boston's police officers, firefighters, and teachers than private sector employers have given to their workers, increasing the city's personnel costs and squeezing other departments and programs.

An uphill battle for better schools

(By Tracy Jan and Maria Sacchetti, Globe Staff, 5/22/05)
Almost 10 years ago, Mayor Thomas M. Menino stood before an audience in Dorchester's troubled Jeremiah E. Burke High School and challenged Boston to ''judge me harshly" if the schools did not improve.
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