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The arrest and trial of 'Whitey' Bulger

The arrest and trial of 'Whitey' Bulger

Boston's most notorious gangster will go on trial later this year after his 2011 capture
Annie Dookhan drug lab scandal

Annie Dookhan drug lab scandal

The former state lab chemist's case has set off a long list of court challenges
Gambling in Massachusetts

Gambling in Massachusetts

Licenses for three gambling resorts and one slots parlor are up for grabs


Scott Brown vs. Elizabeth Warren

Scott Brown vs. Elizabeth Warren

We recap the spirited 2012 race for one of Massachusetts's seats in the US Senate
Amy Bishop case

Amy Bishop case

The Braintree native and former college professor pleaded guilty to killing three colleagues in 2010
More fishy business

More fishy business

One year later, the Globe follows up on its fish mislabeling project, and finds little has changed
'Clark Rockefeller'

'Clark Rockefeller'

The long saga of the shadowy man took another turn when he was charged with killing his landlord in 1985


Life on the line

Life on the line

Chronicling the passengers of Bus 19, from Fields Corner to Kenmore
Getting in

Getting in

A look inside Boston's school assignment maze.
MIT at a milestone

MIT at a milestone

Outlining the institution's many contributions
The world of bullying

The world of bullying

A Globe series on bullying and its effect on children, adults, and institutions.


Inside UMass

Inside UMass

A series of articles examining challenges facing the University of Massachusetts.
Patronage in the Probation Department

Patronage in the Probation Department

A Globe Spotlight Team report on corrupt hiring and promotion practices. (Ongoing 2010)
The 2010 Blizzard

The 2010 Blizzard

A December blizzard dumped almost two feet of snow in the Boston area the week before the new year. (December 2010)
The Other Welfare

The Other Welfare

Supplemental Security Income has strayed from its original goal of aiding families with disabled children. (December 2010)
Local Elections 2010

Local Elections 2010

Our coverage of the gubernatorial race and state senate races. (Fall 2010)
Flooding in Mass.

Flooding in Mass.

In the span of a few weeks, March brought New England two storms that slammed the region with record amounts of rainfall and damage. (March 2010)


Remembering Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy

Looking back on the life of Edward M. Kennedy, the senior senator from Massachusetts. (August 2009)
Craigslist attacks

Craigslist attacks

Accused "Craigslist killer" Philip Markoff was awaiting trial in the slaying of Julissa Brisman when he committed suicide. (August 2009)
Henry Louis Gates Jr. arrest

Henry Louis Gates Jr. arrest

The Harvard scholar's arrest by a Cambridge Police sergeant stirred a national debate over racial profiling. (July 2009)


An Unhealthy System

An Unhealthy System

In 2000, Partners HealthCare cut a deal with Blue Cross to ratchet up insurance costs. Nothing in Massachusetts healthcare has been the same since. (December 2008)
Mass. officials face corruption charges

Mass. officials face corruption charges

Embattled state Senator Dianne Wilkerson and City Councilor Chuck Turner face a federal bribery investigation. (Fall 2008)
The Rockefeller case

The Rockefeller case

Alleged kidnapper Clark Rockefeller is believed to have used many aliases, and police want to question him about the disappearance of a California couple.
(August 2008)
A department under fire

A department under fire

In the last year, the Boston Fire Department has faced questions about 102 firefighters who were granted disability pensions and two firefighters who died in a West Roxbury blaze. (July 2008)
Rites of Summer

Rites of Summer

A Saturday series on the simple pleasures of the season in New England.
(Summer 2008)
Amid school's struggle, a reach for redemption

Amid school's struggle,
a reach for redemption

While English High School made gains last year, achieving the goals the school set became a bigger challenge than first anticipated. One of its victories was the graduation of Fred Daniels, left. (July 2008)
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Entwistle murder trial

Entwistle murder trial

Neil Entwistle was found guilty of killing his wife, Rachel, and their daughter, Lillian, in their Hopkinton home in 2006 and was sentenced to life in prison. (June 2008)
Tragedy on the T

Tragedy on the T

A Green Line trolley crowded with rush-hour passengers slammed into the back of a second trolley in Newton on the evening of May 28, causing the two trains to derail. The MBTA operator driving the second train was killed. (May 2008)
Blizzard of '78

Blizzard of '78

A savage blizzard packing hurricane force winds dumped up to four feet of snow on many parts of the region between the 6th and 7th of February 1978.  (February 2008)


Ma Siss's Place

Ma Siss's Place

In a onetime chopshop, "Ma Siss" and her friends have founded a small evangelical congregation, the Quincy Street Missional Church. (December 2007)
Prison suicide crisis

Prison suicide crisis

In a three-part series the Globe examines the issues behind a high rate of suicides at Massachusetts prisons since 2005. (December 2007)
Choices of the heart

Choices of the heart

Faced with family crisis, parents struggle to make the right decision for their children. (September 2007)
On the Common: The plain, poor and powerful

On the Common:
The plain, poor and powerful

Over the past five centuries, Boston Common has brought together the state's most powerful politicians with the city's most down and out. In recent years, however, the nation's oldest park has also become a common ground for crime. (September 2007)
A high-stakes casino debate

A high-stakes casino debate

Ongoing coverage
Governor Deval Patrick has proposed a plan to allow three casino resorts in the state following the federal recognition of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe earlier this year.
Editorials and columns about casinos
High-end fare, with side order of violations

High-end fare, with side order of violations

A surprising number of high-end eateries were cited for serious violations, according to a Globe review of inspections. (August 2007)

Boston homicides in 2007

An interactive, in-depth map that offers a look at the lives claimed by violence on the streets of Boston this year.

Countdown to coverage

On July 1, state law requires every adult to have health insurance if affordable plans are available. There are many options. The following is a guide to those choices. (June 2007)

New England's war dead: Iraq

An ongoing series
Scores of New Englanders have lost their lives while serving in the war in Iraq. These galleries -- organized by state -- include photos and stories of each of them, and honors them and all the others who have given their lives in action.

The 45th parallel: Warming where we live

An occasional series
Keene, N.H., has realized that a publicity campaign is not enough to get residents to conserve energy. Inconvenience, costs, and the cold have thwarted efforts. Now, the city is turning to behavioral science.
Carbon confusion US lags on plans for climate change

No place like home

Joan and Jean Hanlon (left to right, with their father, Bob, in the middle) have lived at Fernald Development Center since they were toddlers. As debate over its closure nears a climax, Fernald's 186 residents are virtually all silent spectators. (May 2007)
Gallery The Hanlon twins

Finding her way in the clan

Twelve years after her death, Rose Kennedy's recently released diaries, letters, and personal papers reveal a more complex figure than "just an old-fashioned girl," as she sometimes styled herself. (May 2007)

Correction system 'mess' held inmates past their time

In what prison officials now acknowledge is one of the state's "most egregious" cases of wrongful imprisonment, Rommel Jones was held more than four years beyond his rightful sentence.
(April 2007) Includes photos, documents, and follow-up reports.
Six-figure ZIP codes in Massachusetts Figures released by the IRS reveal which Bay State cities and towns have the highest membership in the six-figure income club -- and which are mostly shut out. Click on the links below to read a Globe analysis of the data by region, and to see the information displayed on a map. (April 2007) Boston North NorthWest West South Statewide chart

At BU, a leader who's all ears

Robert A. Brown, who likes to be called Bob, is low-key and decidedly not flashy as Boston University's president. His goal, nevertheless, is to make BU a noisier place. (March 2007)
Profile Robert A. Brown  |  Photos A day with Bob Brown

Patrick shaped by father's absence

As a child, Deval Patrick (left) endured the painful absence of his father, Pat Patrick (right), a talented sax player who traveled the world. Ultimately, their complex relationship shaped the man Deval Patrick is today.(March 2007)
Includes audio samples of Pat Patrick's work on sax.

Boston's Irish: The waning of the green

A two-part series
Ireland's booming economy and a crackdown on illegal immigration have combined to produce a reversal of migration patterns. (March 2007)
Part two Native land's new prosperity has many reversing their exodus your view Is Boston less Irish? Have you moved? Photos Notable immigrants

Four years later, antiwar activists still hopeful

Despite the growing unpopularity of the Iraq war in the US, anti-war protest groups have had relatively little success in attracting members. Here's a snapshot of the antiwar movement in Massachusetts: its members, what they've been doing, and what they hope to accomplish. (March 2007)

Lost time

Everything changed when Eddie Greco was 10. His father, Louis, was arrested for a 1965 gangland murder in Chelsea and wrongfully convicted with three other men while FBI documents that might have helped prove their innocence remained buried in the bureau's files. (February 2007)
Photo gallery Lives spent behind bars Video The Greco case

In Faust, an early bold streak

People who knew Drew Gilpin Faust as a down-to-earth young woman were amazed to hear that she would become the first female president of Harvard. Yet they are not surprised to see her embrace the challenge. (February 2007)

Cartoon ads spur Boston bomb scare

A guerrilla marketing campaign dotted the city with battery-powered light screens, setting off fears of terrorism and shutting down major roadways and subway lines. (February 2007)
Includes photo galleries, video, graphics, message boards, and bloggers' reactions.

Perks climb for region's school chiefs

School committees across Eastern Massachusetts are using a variety of perks to quietly boost superintendents' overall compensation without public scrutiny. (February 2007) Includes audio slideshows, a report from each region, and a sortable database.

Aiming for Fame

These eight-graders' odds of getting into Boston Arts Academy are slim. Only 25 of 69 will get into dance; three of 18 will join the drummers; and 25 of 81 will be selected for theater. But all thought they stood a chance of sealing their futures if they could just make the cut. Watch as these talented youngsters try to make the grade. (February 2007)

Inauguration Day in Massachusetts

Deval Patrick took the oath of office as the state's 71st governor, and the first African-American, presenting himself as a symbol of optimism and change who will restore faith in government after 16 years of Republican rule. (January 2007)


2006: The Year in Photos

In this annual feature, take a look back on the biggest local, nation, and world events of 2006, and see the faces of some of the notable people who died this year. The top local sports events of 2006 are also included.

After the Fall: Hip fracture's devastating toll on the elderly

A three-part series
Each year, approximately 300,000 Americans over 64 break their hips -- three-quarters of them women. They are two to five times more likely to die within a year than seniors of the same age without a break. (December 2006) Includes photo galleries, graphics, and a message board

A quiet epidemic

A two-part series
Diabetes is now so widespread in Boston, particularly in minority communities, it is almost impossible to find a neighborhood untouched. (December 2006)  quiz: Diabetes risk test
part two Diabetes afflicting more in US Asian population AUDIO SLIDESHOW Looking into the diabetes problem

Danvers blast levels plant

A massive explosion that reverberated for miles on Nov. 22 reduced a chemical plant to an ashen heap, causing such devastation that officials fear they may never be able to pinpoint the cause. (November 2006)  Includes photo galleries, NECN Video, and graphics

Ten from 20 to 30

Baby boomers may dominate the demographic landscape in the country as a whole, but here in this city of learning and discovery, people in their 20s are at the hub of life. (November 2006)
Click here for the multimedia presentation

Christa Worthington murder trial

A jury convicted trash collector Christopher M. McCowen on Nov. 16 of the brutal rape and murder of fashion writer Christa Worthington (left), ending a sensational case that thrust a small, affluent beach town on Cape Cod into the national spotlight. (November 2006)

Beyond the sirens: a thin curtain between living, dying

A look inside Boston's top trauma unit at Boston Medical Center, which is teeming with dramatic tales of heroics and catastrophes. (October 2006)

Harvest break

As the need for potato-pickers declines, Maine's Aroostook County questions its autumn tradition, when teenagers work the fields. (October 2006)

The Hancock at 30

The John Hancock tower turns 30 this week. As New England's tallest building marks its birthday, it is in the midst of metamorphosis, no longer the address of choice for one of the city's mightiest post-war powers. (September 2006)
Audio slideshows: The architect Moving in and up The tuned mass damper Office in the sky

Summer's end on Cuttyhunk

Each September in Gosnold, the smallest town in Massachusetts, summer residents pack up their things and head for the mainland. After boats carry vacationers off Cuttyhunk Island, the most westward of the Elizabethan chain, the population shrinks to about 35 people. (September 2006)


A look at the city through 24 photos in 24 hours, midnight to 11:59 p.m. Aug. 16, 2006.

Debtors' Hell

A Globe Spotlight Team investigation into consumer debt in the US found a system where debt collectors have a lopsided advantage, debtors are often treated shabbily by collectors and the courts, and consumers can quickly find themselves in a life-upending financial crisis.   (July - August 2006)

Big Dig tunnel collapse

A portion of the ceiling (left) in the tunnel connecting Interstate 93 north to the Ted Williams Tunnel collapsed, cascading debris onto a passing car and killing a female passenger. (July 2006) Includes video, photos, graphics, maps, and message boards
More Big Dig coverage:
A history of problems Finishing the Big Dig Beyond the Big Dig

'They cared for the children'

On June 30, the adoption arm of Catholic Charities of Boston shut down, for the first time encountering a painful conflict between cultural change and Catholic doctrine that it could not resolve. (June 2006)

In basketball and in life, she follows her dreams

For Teresa Pina, growing up in one of the toughest sections of Boston, basketball was just a vehicle to get her someplace else: Stanford University. (June 2006)

New England flood of 2006

Torrential rains flooded parts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine in May, washing out roads, flooding basements, and forcing emergency evacuations.  (May 2006)  Includes photos and video

Boston scaffolding collapse

A three-ton construction scaffold plunged April 3 from a building onto Boylston Street, killing two construction workers and a young doctor who was driving by. (April 2006)  Includes graphics, video, and audio

Archbishop O'Malley's elevation to cardinal

On March 24, 2006, Sean Patrick O'Malley knelt before Pope Benedict XVI and received the red hat that signifies his elevation to the highest ranks of the world's largest religious denomination.  (March - April 2006)
Includes graphics and video

Rakan's War

This is a story about a boy. His name is Rakan. He is 12 years old. He got shot in Iraq. And for five months, a medical team in Boston tried to put him back together again. (February 2006)  Includes audio slideshows

The Best Globe Photos of 2005

A house coated in ice. A gaggle of gorgeous promgoers. A fire-ravaged church. These are just a few of the memorable pictures captured in 2005 by Globe photographers. For this special issue of the Globe Magazine, they take us behind the lens and share how they got their shots. (January 2006)


Women in Science

Harvard President Lawrence Summers spent 2005 in a swirl of controversy after his remarks about why there are so few women in the top echelons of science. These stories look at women scientists' careers and lives, and ways some institutions are encouraging them. (January - December 2005)

Last Letters, Last Words

For those from New England who died in Iraq in 2005, their final messages - from the mundane to the profound - are reminders of the lives they left behind. (December 2005)

Boston's Homicides 2005

Boston's homicide rate surged to a 10-year high in 2005. The violence has unleashed anguished cries from victims' relatives, pleas from politicians and clergy, and a new federal law enforcement strategy to flood the most violent neighborhoods with specially trained drug and weapons agents. See photos and read bios of the 75 people killed in Boston last year. (December 2005)

Knit by love and home turf

While thousands of Irish-Americans have left Dorchester since the 1970s, the Baker family decided to stay. What stands out is that so many of them still live in Dorchester: Jack and Eileen Baker and 10 of their 13 children. (December 2005)   audio slideshow: The family

2005 Year in Photos

From local politics and record-high levels of violence, to natural disasters, to terrorism and the war in Iraq, here's a look back.  (December 2005)

The making of an ICU nurse

A four-part series
Julia Zelixon had just eight months to go from being a trainee fresh out of school to a nurse ready to care for the most gravely ill patients at Mass. General.   (October 2005)  Includes an audio slideshow and audio clips

Menino's record

A four-part series
This Globe series examines various aspects of city government under the aegis of Thomas M. Menino. (May - October 2005)

Neighborhood watch

From West End to East Boston, Allston to Mattapan, Boston's neighborhoods have a lot to offer. This ongoing Globe Magazine series gives you a glimpse into some of these places. (January - September 2005)

Stories from Katrina evacuees at Camp Edwards

About 200 people displaced by Katrina made a temporary home at Camp Edwards on the Mass. Military Reservation in Bourne. Some of their stories are in this audio slideshow. (September 2005)

Maria's choice

When a foster child turns 18, she can try living on her own, or agree to a set of conditions for remaining in state care. (September 2005)  Photos
Previous reports
A week on Lyndhurst Street A week on Lyndhurst Street
Global Ministries rented an apartment near a troubled Dorchester street to confront crime. Here are the daily reports. (August 2005)
photo gallery Scenes from Lyndhurst
Emily's Story Emily's Story
When Emily Crockett was a child, brain tumors robbed her of sight and left her partially paralyzed. Nearly 14 years later, as a Harvard student, she faced challenges that would test her and the university. (June 2005)
Includes audio slideshows and photo galleries
Immigrant labor force booming Immigrant labor force booming
A report says the immigrant population in Mass., already at a 50-year high, continues to swell with no signs of slowing. (June 2005)
Photos Includes searchable database
The Gardner heist The Gardner heist
The Globe's Stephen Kurkjian re-examines the Gardner Museum heist of 1990 - the biggest art theft in history. (March 2005)   Photos
PDF Anatomy of a heist Includes audio clips
A storyteller's tragic ending A storyteller's tragic ending
The autopsy said Sam Holman died of a heart attack. But everyone who knew him and loved him say it was the grief and guilt at the loss of his son that squeezed the life out of him. (March 2005)
Deadly Delays: The Decline of Fire Response Deadly Delays:
The Decline of Fire Response

As towns grow, firefighters are taking longer to get to fires. (January 2005)   Photos  Includes graphics and searchable database
2004: The Year in Review 2004: The Year in Review
It was a year that stirred deep emotions in Mass., with the first legal same-sex marriages in the country, John Kerry's loss in the election, and the Red Sox' World Series victory.  (December 2004)  Includes photo galleries, video, and graphics
Best Men Best Men
In 2004, the Hyett brothers of Brookline both planned to marry. A gay wedding in May, a traditional wedding in August - a remarkable two-paned window into what marriage is, isn't, and can be. (August 2004) Includes photos and audio
Parks plan mired by turf battle Parks plan mired by turf battle
A look at the effort to establish a set of parks and buildings along the strip of land created by the Big Dig. (June 2004)
Closing parishes Closing parishes
As the Archdiocese of Boston closes several churches, Catholics must accept that parishes will be fewer and larger. (May - June 2004)
Parishes slated for closure Map of closures Includes photo galleries, graphics, and video
Gay Marriage Gay Marriage
Coverage of the SJC decision on gay marriage, the effort to pass an amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman, and the first same-sex weddings. (November 2003 - May 2004)
Includes audio slideshows and photo galleries
Abuse in the Catholic Church Abuse in the Catholic Church
For years, church officials tried to keep sexual-abuse cases quiet. In this Spotlight Team investigation, which won a Pulitzer Prize for the Boston Globe, reporters shed light on Boston's predator priests, told their victims' stories, and detailed the church's coverup. (January 2002 - April 2004)  Includes video documentary, interactive timeline, maps, and photo galleries
English immersion: A family's story English immersion: A family's story
As the 2003-2004 school year began, the Martinez family adjusted to the era of English immersion. (October 2003 - March 2004)
2003 Year In Review 2003 Year In Review
The top stories of 2003 in Mass., gay marriage and the clergy sex abuse scandal, marked the end of one saga and the dawning of another.   (December 2003)  Includes photo gallery
A priest, a boy, a mystery A priest, a boy, a mystery
Bunny and Carl Croteau believe that the Rev. Richard R. Lavigne, a convicted child molester, murdered their son, Danny (left), in 1972. The case remains unsolved. (December 2003)
A once great industry on the brink A once great industry on the brink
Years ago, the federal government took control of the region's fishing industry to save it, then presided over its collapse. (October 2003)
Barbara's story Barbara's story
For nine months, the Globe followed a single mother from Mass. wrestling with the decision to give up her parental rights when the state said she was an unfit mother. (August 2003)   Photos
Speed trap Speed trap
A Globe analysis of traffic tickets and warnings, from every police dept. in the state, shows differences in race, sex, and age in who gets a fine and who gets a break for the same offenses. (July 2003)  Includes graphics, town-by-town statistics
Bechtel's Big Dig mistakes Bechtel's Big Dig mistakes
A yearlong investigation by the Boston Globe found that over $1 billion of Big Dig cost overruns were due to errors by project managers Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff. (February 2003)
Beyond the Big Dig Beyond the Big Dig
What happens to the land being created by the depression of the Central Artery may be the most important development decision to face Boston in a generation. (January - April 2003)
Adriana's Trial Adriana's Trial
For patients, clinical trials are unpredictable odysseys, excruciating ordeals, heroic fights, desperate last gasps. The Globe followed breast cancer patient Adriana Jenkins during eight months of trials. (April 2002)   Photos     Timeline