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US Marine Reserve Sergeant Jesse W. Strong, 24, of Irasburg, Vt.

Postmarked: Jan. 20, 2005

     I tell you what. Things are going well here I guess. I forgot that we are in the Sunni triangle here so that explains the negative vibe we're getting around here. I guess there really are good things happening in this country -- somewhere. I'm very excited about life in general and am looking forward to seeing what the future may hold for me. It's all very exciting. Hey, heard anything about Danny T's wedding? That should be fun. I'm gonna dance my butt off at the reception (especially if they don't have music or dancing -- ha!) Mom + dad, you are both very special people and I thank the Lord that He let me know you guys -- without you my life would be empty. Love you guys! Peace out (like Kipp says in the movie [Napoleon Dynamite])
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