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US Marine Lance Corporal Lawrence R. Philippon, 22, of Hartford, Conn.

     May 6, 2005
     Dear Students of Mrs. Lawrence's class,
     I want to start off by saying thank you very much for your letters, birthday wishes, and prayers. Your writing has improved very much from the first letters you all wrote. I'm sure you are all wondering what IRAQ is like so I'll tell you a li'l' about it and you can all go home and share with your families what it's like here. Where we are located is in Al Qaim on the border of Syria. (Maybe Mrs. Lawrence can get a globe and show you all where that is) HEHE. There are a lot of dogs and lizards and flies and all sorts of creatures here. There are no lakes, but we do have the Euphrates River here. The people for the most part are nice but most of the time just stay to themselves. The land is very flat and you can see for miles around. We enjoy what we do here and enjoy defending freedom and the people back home. I have work now, but we all wanna thank you for your support and concern for us. Work hard in school and be safe. Give Mrs. Lawrence a big hug for me, lol, Take care.
     Lawrence Philippon, Lcpl USMC
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