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US Marine 1st Lieutenant Travis J. Fuller, 26, of Granville

Date: December 23, 2004 11:42:30 AM EST

     I'm healing rather fast and should be back in the fight soon. When I was in the hospital today one of my Marines was brought in. He has shrapnel wounds on the left side of his body. A guy dropped a grenade off a roof about 4 feet away. Luckily it was a crappy Egyptian grenade and it didn't mess him up too bad. There were 5 insurgents in the building he was next to. I think they killed all 5 and he was the only Marine injured, so I guess they are not doing too bad without me. I just wish I was there. I hope I am here for the next one. I'm wheeling him around in a wheelchair. He can walk but this just makes things easier, and plus we can usually cut in the lines when you have a Marine in a wheelchair.
     Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I think they have something planned and some big shot is coming to visit.
     That's all for now,
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