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US Army National Guard Master Sgt. Chris S. Chapin, 39, of Proctor, Vt.

----- Wed, 03 Aug 2005 20:00:58 -0700 -----
Subject: Re: NEW
Hey baby, it was really good to hear your voice last night. I was up at 0450, went and got chow, and am now on duty.
     I was doing good in the TOC in HQ. Leadership thought I was doing excellent. I tried it, but it wasn't me. Part of it was that I felt caged in, you know? The other part was that people like Auggie and Keith are doing missions, and I am not, and feeling guilty.
      So I now have a new job. The Marines are running the ISF, Iraqi Security Force, which is the new Iraqi Army. They were looking for volunteers. This is the actual main mission over here. These are the guys who are going to make the difference, they will be the ones holding the bag when we leave. And, as I do not want to be back here in 5 or so years, or having someone's son have to come over here, I will do what I can to see that doesn't happen.
      Hey babe, this is my element. We are having fun here. It is a paper nightmare, as the last unit did hardly any. So far, we are doing an excellent job. And we are, the soldiers have already improved in the little time we have been here. I wasn't going to tell you this because I knew you would worry. But, as my wife you deserve to know what I am doing.
      We got in some furniture, a TV, and DVD player from our Company Commander for our little MWR (Morale-Welfare-Recreation) setup. He says there is a Ping Pong table on the way. Is good, but finding time to play will be a challenge. Have not played one game of spades yet.
What do you think about leave? I was thinking of not doing it, saving money and time for a vacation, or 2 vacations when I get home. Maybe one with the three of us, and another smaller one with just you and me. Let me know what you think.
      Love you
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