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US Army Captain Joel E. Cahill, 34, of Norwood

      Date: Oct. 21, 2005
      Hello! It has been a couple of weeks since I wrote my last message so I thought I would let you guys know what is going on over here with Baker Company. As all of you know the referendum has come and gone and it was a huge success in our area. As a result of your loved ones' hard work day in and day out for the last ten months the security situation in our area has improved dramatically. We had tens of thousands of voters turn out to vote on the proposed constitution. We had no criminal or enemy activity on election day in our area. The guys did a super job and their hard work and dedication has paid huge dividends for the Iraqi people. As we look to the future here in Iraq our next major objective is to create the same environment for the December elections. If the constitution is adopted, the next step is to elect government officials to represent the Iraqi people. If the referendum is defeated, then the Iraqi people will have to elect a new Transitional National Authority or TNA. This TNA will have another year to draft a constitution and put it to a vote. I think we will see the constitution adopted as is and begin to move forward with seating a permanent government. If you compare how long it took our great nation to agree on a constitution with the time it has taken the Iraqi people to agree you can see they are moving forward much faster than we did. Once we are through the December elections then we will begin to really focus on setting the conditions for the units who are replacing us to come in. When that will be I do not know. I can tell you that as soon as I find out an official date or timeline I will share it with you. Again, thanks for all you do back there. Take care. CPT Cahill
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