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US Army Staff Sergeant Thomas E. Vitagliano
US Army Captain Christopher J. Sullivan
US Marine 1st Lieutenant Travis J. Fuller
US Marine Corporal Timothy M. Gibson
US Marine Reserve Sergeant Jesse W. Strong
US Marine Sergeant Andrew K. Farrar Jr.
Barbara Heald
US Army National Guard Sergeant 1st Class Michael D. Jones
US Army Sergeant Angelo L. Lozada Jr.
US Marine Lance Corporal Lawrence R. Philippon
US Marine Lance Corporal John T. Schmidt III
US Marine Captain John W. Maloney
US Army Specialist Christopher L. Hoskins
US Marine Lance Corporal Holly A. Charette
US Army 2d Lt. Matthew S. Coutu
US Marine Reserve Sergeant David J. Coullard
US Army National Guard Master Sergeant Chris S. Chapin
US Army National Guard 1st Lieutenant Mark H. Dooley
US Army Reserve Sergeant Pierre A. Raymond
US Army National Guard Specialist Scott P. McLaughlin
US Marine Lance Corporal Shayne M. Cabino
US Army National Guard 2d Lieutenant Mark J. Procopio
US Army Captain Joel E. Cahill
US Army Corporal Donald E. Fisher II
US Marine Lance Corporal Nickolas David Schiavoni
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