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Inauguration Day
Inauguration video with Globe commentary
Video of the governor's inaugural address with analysis from political editor David Dahl, commentary on race by editor Ann Scales, and discussion about symbols from Living/Arts reporter Joanna Weiss. (Globe Staff Photo / David L. Ryan)

Deval Patrick is inaugurated governor

Deval Patrick took the oath of office yesterday as the state's 71st governor, and the first African-American, presenting himself as a symbol of optimism and change who will restore faith in government after 16 years of Republican rule. ()
Pop-up SLIDESHOW: Voices from the crowd
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Mitt Romney's exit

Romney exits with pomp, ambition

(By Andrea Estes and Scott Helman, Globe Staff, 1/4/07)
Governor Mitt Romney took the ceremonial "lone walk" out of the State House and into the 2008 presidential race yesterday, concluding his final day as governor by filing papers to set up an exploratory committee for a campaign for president.
(By Scott Helman, Globe Staff, 1/4/07)
Jobs are up slightly, and unemployment is down. More high school students are passing the MCAS, but more are dropping out, too. Business leaders are more bullish, and crime is down statewide. But homicides in Boston are up sharply, and the tax burden is heavier for many across Mass.
Romney exits with pomp, ambition
Governor Mitt Romney passed through Memorial Hall yesterday as he formally ended his term. (Globe Staff Photo / Dominic Chavez)
Inauguration Day preparations
1,000 greet Patrick, hail step forward in struggle of blacks
The Rev. Richard Richardson (right), associate pastor of St. Paul AME Church, and the Rev. Miniard Culpepper of the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church with Deval Patrick and his wife, Diane, Tuesday night at Jubilee Christian Church in Mattapan. (Globe Staff / Pat Greenhouse)

1,000 greet Patrick, hail step forward
in struggle of blacks

(By Michael Paulson, Globe Staff, 1/3/07)
A raucous crowd of 1,000 worshipers, most of them African-American, greeted the state's first African-American governor-elect with a rousing service Tuesday night celebrating Deval Patrick's history-making electoral victory.
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Globe profiles of Deval Patrick

Beating odds, a uniter rose
from Chicago's tough side

(By Scott Helman, Globe Staff, 5/24/06)
What has fueled Deval L. Patrick's success as a lawyer, civil rights prosecutor, and corporate executive, according to people from every stage of his life, is his ability to draw on his background to float comfortably among many different worlds.
 RACE FOR GOVERNOR: On values, mobility, a hardscrabble past (Boston Globe, 3/29/06)
 DEVAL PATRICK: 'I want to be a partner. I don't want to just write checks' (By Peter J. Howe, Globe Staff, 7/16/06)
 CANDIDATE PORTRAIT: Activism, soaring language, disputes mark Patrick's career (By Scott Helman, Globe Staff, 9/6/06)
The Optimist
The Optimist
Deval Patrick was chosen as the Globe Magazine's Bostonian of the Year for 2006.
Diane Patrick lends her personal touch
A profile of the new First Lady of Massachusetts.
Diane Patrick lends her personal touch
The Globe's op-ed staff asked state civic leaders and policy experts
to offer their advice as Patrick prepares his policy agenda.
 ROBERT J. HAYNES AND WILLIAM J. TINTI: Rebuilding the Massachusetts workforce (1/3/07)
 STUART H. ALTMAN: A cure for spiraling healthcare costs (1/2/07)
Mass. Appeals - Advice for the new governor - Boston Globe - Opinion
 BRUCE C. BOLLING JR.: Help avoiding trouble
 MICHAEL PATRICK MACDONALD: A new chance to stop teen violence
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