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How state legislators voted on the gay marriage amendments

Lawmakers yesterday took three of the four votes required to move the amendment along to the next legislative session. Some legislators changed their votes for strategic reasons. Some gay marriage supporters voted for the ban intially, in order to fend off other measures, but later voted against it in hopes of killing it for the year. Some opponents of civil unions decided to vote for the amendment in the end to keep it alive until a more restrictive measure can be offered.
1. Proposed by Senate President Robert E. Travaglini (D-Boston) and House Speaker Thomas M. Finneran (D-Mattapan). Defi ned marriage as between one man and one woman, and legalized civil unions for same-sex couples, with all the same rights and benefi ts as marriage. Approved 129-69
2. SECOND VOTE Move amendment forward Approved 136-62
3. THIRD VOTE Move amendment forward Approved 121-77
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