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FutureBoston: Creating Competitive Edge in the Global Economy
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FutureBoston examines the competitive challenges Boston faces in an increasingly globalized world, and how the city and region can address them.
Boston is becoming less relevant in an increasingly globalized world.
What can we do?
Sure we have our assets: the universities, the teaching hospitals, the biotech industry, a talented work force, superb cultural institutions. But cities across the world are catching up fast. They're more livable, more affordable, easier to get around, and faster at getting things done. Join us at FutureBoston, shaping the ideas that will make Boston the model of competitive edge in the global economy.

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What does competitive edge look like? The Competitive Edge Landscape Tool allows you to visualize factors like economic performance, innovation, and quality of life that help Boston compete in a global economy.
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Chronicle profiles Seoul, South Korea
'Chronicle' TV shows kick off FutureBoston
"FutureBoston" premiers Oct. 9 with a specially produced WCVB-TV5 "Chronicle" series that will run four consecutive Tuesdays. Filmed on location in Dublin, Vancouver, Portland, Ore., and Seoul, these half-hour shows examine how each city dealt with its own urban challenges and the lessons Boston can learn. Details
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